Roulette Rules – Everything that you need to know to play

A standard European roulette wheel A standard European roulette wheel

Although the game itself is very simple in its own right, you will need to know the roulette rules to ensure you don’t make any mistakes with your betting. We will take a look at the different roulette rules throughout this article, draw comparisons from the European roulette rules (also known as French roulette) and the American roulette rules and any other tips that we can help you with along the way.

The rules of roulette are all based around the bets that you make and the timing of the bets

We will start off with the basic initial casino roulette rules and equipment. The standard European roulette wheel consists of a spinning roulette wheel, a ball and the betting table/mat. On the European wheel you will see the numbers 1-36 inside either a black or a red square. There are 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers. In addition to this you will also see a green number 00. The only way the American roulette wheel differs to this is you will notice that there will be an additional green number of 00.

Once you know the roulette game rules, you are unlikely to forget them, it’s just learning them first

So now we know the wheel, we will take a look at the betting table to go a bit further into the rules of roulette. If you look at the image below:

You will notice you have all the individual numbers laid out in a grid format. This is how your betting will be determined. The roulette game rules are quite clear with regards to the timing of the bets. You will be made aware from the live dealer/croupier when all bets are finished, any bet that you place after that go against the rules for roulette so therefore will not be counted.

So the casino roulette rules for betting give you more options than you may have thought at first

The first bet that we will look at is the straight bet. This is where you bet on a single number. A lot of people have seen the films where someone goes into a casino and puts everything on lucky number 7. This type of bet has the steepest odds as it has the least amount of chance of coming in. For a straight number bet, you will receive odds of 35-1.

The next bet within the roulette betting rules we’ll look at is the split bet. Keeping the above image in mind, a split bet would be when you place a chip on the line separating 2 numbers so half the chip will be on one number, half on another, so to give you some context, if a chip was placed on the line separating 2 and 5 on the table. This will give you odds of 17-1.

Further rules for roulette for your betting options are laid out for you below with their odds

Street bet – is placed on the left of the number 1 for example so will incorporate numbers 1, 2 and 3, odds of 11-1.

Square bet – placed on the cross of 4 numbers (8,9,11,12) with odds of 8-1.

Six line – placed on the left of the numbers on the cross, for example on the cross of 13 and 16, will incorporate numbers 13-18, odds of 5-1.

Dozens – Choose the 1st dozen numbers, 2 dozen numbers or 3rd dozen numers, odds of 2-1.

Columns – This is placing a bet on one of the columns of the table, the colum with 1 at the top and 34 at the bottom is column 1 for example, odds of 2-1.

Colours – so basically bet on black or red, gives you odds of 1-1.

Highs or lows – bet on either numbers 1-18 or 19-36, odds of 1-1

These are the basic roulette casino rules and these can change slightly at different online casinos

Roulette casino rules are pretty much standard across the board, across all casinos but some games will have different variations of the roulette betting rules, for example there’s some roulette rules casino may change with the double zero square. On some variants of the game, it’s a losing bet, on others, it gives you the chance to take back half of your bet, others will allow you to double or nothing if you leave your bet on the same square. It’s important to read the individual game rules before betting so as not to lose your money through mistakes. For instance, the following roulette guide was produced by jackpot City and is ideal for their specific rules There’s also the thought of whether you will bet with a strategy. Different strategies require different amounts of chips to be placed whether you’ve just won or just lost. The main thing you have to remember is to have fun. You cannot control where the ball lands each time so the best way to approach your playing is to just enjoy it. Watch the ball spin, hopefully you’re winning at the end and manage to beat the system and edge out the casino with your big payout.

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